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Pricingfor checking companies for communication with sanctioned companies

Choose a right product licence term to fit your company needs

Save up to €200 / month

€ 8 710

Recommended for professional AML and KYC. Delve into connections with sanctioned persons and PEPs worldwide. Carry out continuous monitoring of risk companies.

It means the ability to gain test access for 3 days during registration and the first login.


Number of search queries


Search for sanctioned individuals and entities


Search for connections with PEPs from russian federation, belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other countries


Search for commercial assets worldwide


Search for military terrorists


Chart tool for investigations


Data from 50+ sanction lists


Access to information from 100+ world sources


Countries data available

26+ countries

Ukraine, russia, belarus, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Malta and others. Plus all updates to come.

Service and bonuses

Personal manager


Corporate training (upon request)

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Extra services RuAssets

Automate processes with an API

Automate processes with an API

You can use API to:

  • Get more information about the data sources used for checking
  • Integrate connections search into your own CRM/ERP systems
  • Oversee your employees’ search queries and manage everything through a single account

To use this tool, leave a request describing your business case.

Add data from the registers you need

Add data from the registers you need

The RuAssets service develops actively as we add new registers, lists and databases almost every day. If you need information that is not yet in the system, let us know and we will add it.

Training and certification RuAssets

Training and certification RuAssets

The offer includes:

  • Free corporate training on how to use the RuAssets system, delivered by the YouControl Academy
  • Opportunity of individual training with issuance of a YouControl Academy certificate

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