By YouControl

is an international tool for searching for Russian and Belarusian assets to inspect, freeze accounts, and seize the property

Protect your business from financial losses, legal sanctions, and reputational losses that may result from cooperation with Russian and Belarusian companies and individuals subject to sanctions. The service was developed by the IT company YouControl.

About the
project “RuAssets”

RuAssets is a new international tool for screening links with PEPs and individuals on sanctions lists in CiS countries (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan) at the deepest level of communication (3rd and 4th levels).

After the military invasion of Russia against Ukraine began, we started developing RuAssets to search for Russian and Belarusian assets and check the links between politically exposed persons and those on the sanctions lists. In peacetime, this product would have been designed for regular AML and KYC operations, which would have simplified the work of compliance and risk managers, but today we have gathered all our forces to warn the whole world about the threat of cooperation with businesses that have a “Russian trace”.

What can service “RuAssets” do?

  1. A thorough analysis of the connections between countries and individuals at various levels.
  2. Quick company and individual international verification.
  3. Quick and easy identification of links with PEPs and sanctioned individuals.
  4. Identifying war terrorists involved in the Russian-Ukrainian war and the occupation of Ukrainian territories.
  5. Soon, information about the immovable property such as real estate, aircraft, land plots, and so on.
  6. Soon, track the entire chain of relationships between companies through several intermediaries to determine the final company and individual.

You need such a tool to:

  • Check the individuals and companies in more than 15 countries according to the registers of beneficiaries and owners.
  • Conduct research and investigations to identify the “Russian trace” in different countries.
  • Keep track of contacts with individuals and companies subject to sanctions and PEPs.

How does RuAssets work?

For instance, you need to make a check for the compliance of the «Russian trace»

Find information about connections with PEPs and sanctions

Specify the name of the company or the individual name, enter the ID code for accuracy, and see the result

Check the connections between individuals and companies

Click «Find relations» and wait for the system to check all available data. Review the result

Russian Assets


The most complete list of Russian, Belarusian, Kazakhstan, and Ukrainian PEPs.

We have more than 15 CiS and world country international lists of beneficiaries and owners.

Maximum information on sanctions: 50+ sanctions lists are already in the system.

Ability to track and detect Russian assets through a chain of intermediary countries.

Information about war terrorists such as Russian regular troops, employees of Russian special services, and other terrorist groups.

Daily updates of 100+ data registers and regular product updates.

We encourage you to connect to our software to ensure the safe operation of your business and avoid the risk of working with individuals and companies with the “Russian trace”.

Today RuAssets is ready to use but will be constantly updated and developed. We will upload several data sets within a week or a few days, such as lists of Britain, Cyprus, or Russian property lists. If you have ideas on how to improve the product, please write to us about it.

Automate processes
with an API

You can use the API to:

  • Get more information about the data sources that are used for check-in.
  • Integrate links searching into your own CRM/ERP systems.
  • Control who your employees are looking for and manage everything through one account.

In order to use this tool, leave your request on the site, describing your business case.

About us

YouControl is a Ukrainian IT company that has been developing open data services since 2014.

We have many years of successful experience in creating AML and KYC systems used by international companies.

95% of Ukrainian banks have integrated YouControl into their business processes. We are recommended by the National Bank of Ukraine and the National Agency on Corruption Prevention.

Our mission is to contribute to the expansion of international cooperation by creating a transparent business environment.

We are trusted by the state authorities of Ukraine and the national and international media.

We are more interested than anyone else in identifying and facilitating the freezing of Russian assets. That is why we have developed a new product, RuAssets.